About Us

WING HO YUEN LANDSCAPING CO., LTD. was established in 1982 and with a key focus on soft landscaping works in Hong Kong. Wing Ho Yuen's core business includes design, construction and maintenance of soft/hard landscaping works for public and private sectors; importing trees, shrubs, flower bulbs and other agricultural and landscaping products, such as potting soil, peat moss and natural rocks to Hong Kong. Over the years, the company has designed and constructed numerous Chinese, Japanese and Western private and public gardens. Wing Ho Yuen also provides tree group inspection, tree risk assessment, tree survey and corresponding mitigation services. Wing Ho Yuen has a well-developed and long-standing customer base and supplier network in Hong Kong, mainland China, Taiwan and Europe.

WING HO YUEN has been a landscaping (Class I) (Group II) specialist contractor for public works since 1984. The company provides landscaping, horticultural and arboricultural services to government departments and authorities such as Civil Engineering & Development Department, Highways Department, Drainage Services Department, Architectural Services Department, Leisure and Cultural Services Department, District Offices, Hong Kong Housing Society, Hong Kong Airport Authority, Urban Renewal Authority, Housing Authority, Hospital Authority and private corporations as Hong Kong Jockey Club, MTR Corporation Limited, Ocean Park Corporation and other private housing complexes.
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